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Character is everything. Whether it’s the precise details of a person’s face in a painting that tells you this is a real, vibrant individual with experiences, mannerisms, and quirks all their own or the exaggerated lines of a cartoon or illustration that portray a feeling, a joke, or a struggle; character is what makes these amalgamations of inks, paints, and pixels speak to the viewer. Character makes them relatable; character makes them appealing; character makes you care.

This is the essence of what I strive to capture. Through the use of various media such as graphite, physical paint, digital paint, and 3D models, my work pursues the portrayal of character whether in the context of a stand-alone illustration, a portrait painting, or the larger narrative of a storyboard or animation.

My name is Sydney Lindgren, and I am currently working as an intern at Neighbor Animation in Minneapolis.

For more information about my education and experience, you can download my resume here.